Fall Is The Time For Decluttering

Well we all have it in one shape or another, the summer lull. That feeling of missing something that’s gone, but not sure what it is. And then you remember the freedom of summer… ah how glorious that was.

Well something that summer might have also left you with is a lot of odd socks, mixie match dishes, and a few extra piles of laundry in places… So take this time now that things are getting back on track to find time to declutter your surroundings, I can’t tell you it does a world of good.

Try this list and see how it goes, even these simple steps can make a world of difference.

 - Laundry room. Go through all the shelves and bins in laundry room. What odd socks you find, pile together and have kids go through to find matches. Any old socks head to the garbage. Anything you haven’t worn in 6 months or that doesn’t fit donate.

 - Kitchen. The container drawer. Now that kids are back to school, you are most likely using this drawer on the daily. Empty the drawer and find all the sets, what doesn’t have a match goes to recycling. You will be shocked with the space you just gained.

 - Bathroom. Under the sink. In my home, this is a spot that quickly accumulated junk from camps and beach days. First start under the sink, everything comes out. Next go through the items, and if sunscreens or bug repellents aren’t expired, give them their own basket and neatly organize for next use. recycle old bottle, and them remove and clutter. Next start on the drawers.

 - Mudroom Closet - this is a time to donate anything that doesn’t fit, or that doesn’t serve a purpose any longer. Also pack away summer jackets and sandals, to make way for what is coming. If you have the energy take a look at footwear, and anything that seems too small or old can be removed.

Decluttering is a way to keep your home feeling calmer, and more organized. I am a firm believer in keeping your surroundings tidy, as it just keeps my overall being feeling better.

What do you do through the seasons to keep clutter under control?

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